AAL Season 2 – Postponement of Matchday 3 Games

Posted by Admin Beyl August 5, 2019 in Axis LeagueEsports News

Last weekend was the start of Axis Arena of Valor League, with Matchdays 1 – 3 look set to be played online. 38 teams across Southeast Asia fight it out for 16 spots at the Seasonal Playoffs, where the numbers will be cut to just eight, to join the other eight teams who qualified from Season 1, to the Grand Finals in October!

However, last weekend, a deadly earthquake has happened in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was reported at New Straits Times that the quake reading was as high as 6.9 magnitude, which resulted in five deaths (3 through heart attacks, 1 due to a fall, and another from a panic attack), 4 injuries, and more than 200 buildings damaged. Thousands of people managed to flee

AAL Season 2 – Postponement of Matchday 3 Games 1

With concerns to the safety of our Indonesian friends, plus a heavy server issue in AOV, we at Axis Esports have decided to postpone all Matchday 3 games, whether they involve Indonesians or not. A new date for Matchday 3 will be announced later, as our thoughts are more towards our friends in Indonesia.

We pray for the health and safety to all Indonesians, especially the ones directly affected from the disaster.