Posted by Maman Miman March 26, 2019 in Axis League
ACL Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss bois and gals, we are just a few days away from the SHOWDOWN! Axis Esports League Season 1 Playoffs, featuring both Axis COD League (ACL) and Axis PES League (APL) will commence at Quill City Mall starting this Saturday! But first, let’s get to know the teams from Division A that have qualified for the ACL Playoffs!   Love Potion MEET THE ACL FINALISTS! - Part 1 1 THE one and only Love Potion. The dominant team. The team to beat. The Asian Championships’ runner-up ONLY DROPPED ONE SET (against Venom Red) the whole group stage, in a group many thought would be a stacked one. Most of their games they looked absolutely dominant. Although they will come without their captain, Kush, they still look set for their first ever title since it’s inception. Whether they can replicate their Asian Champs’ performance or not, it will all depend on themselves, especially their two MVPs, LavarBaIls and Derp. AND especially when they bolstered their already-strong squad with two FaMe apeX players, Rave and Future.   The roster for the Playoffs: LavarBaIls, Rave, Derp, ImperiYUM, Future   Venom Red MEET THE ACL FINALISTS! - Part 1 2 Another very strong team, with their best achievement being to finish Third in 2018 Asian Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Venom Red has quite a young and dangerous team that can challenge for the title. In the league, they have never dropped a set, with the exception of a 1-3 loss to Love Potion. Three of the players are from the squad that finished Second in ACL Comic Fiesta and will be very hyped up to get a title this time, perhaps even a repeat match against LP. Looks like Black7Roses, the owner, have done a very decent job at nurturing the young guns to be tournament beaters, eh?   The roster for the Playoffs: Black7roses, LeGittZ, Tholhahdanial02, xVitalityz, Mifdzal   Venom Black MEET THE ACL FINALISTS! - Part 1 3 The “big bro” of Venom Red, they end the group behind their brothers as of how they did in ACL Comic Fiesta, finishing Third. Venom Black has quite a history of being matched up against Venom Red, and if they are to go very far in the competition, they need to ensure that they end the jynx against the youngsters in this LAN. The leadership of Wannazrin will be a huge key factor in their journey, as well as the experience of MDIPlaya, who is also the manager of Love Potion, to help lead the team to glory.   The roster for the Playoffs: Wannazrin, Fseieisetsuna, MDIPlaya, Mohddanial, Aced_AJ   Avarice Gaming MEET THE ACL FINALISTS! - Part 1 4 The team with a lot of stories, on and off the league, with a huge loss followed by a forfeiture in one matchday nearly hampered their chances of going to LAN, Avarice were a rejuvenated team at the right moment as they managed to secure their top 4 spots at the last day with a convincing 3-0 win over Brunei team Silver Crows, to prove that they are still a team to watch, and they are not giving up hope. The 2018 Asian Champs’ runner up would really want to have their final say after being desperately close to qualifying to this year’s event, by being on top of the Axis League. It will be a “greatest comeback since Lazarus” story should they bounce back, as fans surely want the best out of Avarice, a very tough team to go up against, if they clicked.   The roster for the Playoffs: Skywhite, Greyz, Bloo, AnkrazyRavers, Kiraa Part 2 will be up soon with the Division B teams! APL finalists will also be up after ACL – Division B!