Our Progress

Our progress from the beginning of the birth of Axis Esports.



  Our Progress 1    

Axis Technology Sdn Bhd – (the Year 2003) – Birth of Axis Technology. Axis Technology started as a Telecommunication System Integrator for various industries. The company market positioning in this area together with many excellent projects, build the company foundation into a very strong with our business strategic partner.



  Our Progress 2    

Esports Event Sponsorship –  (9 Nov 2018) – Axis Technology became one of the sponsors for Hari Sukan Negara 2018 through Ansara Esports, as well as for Malaysia Esports Convention, Axis is now actively providing solutions to various esports events in Malaysia.

Our Progress 3    

Axis Esports – (17 Nov 2018) – Hanazrie Zainol and Syed Fakrurrozi, two big names of Axis, started the idea of having an esports department, in which ended up becoming a subsidiary of Axis Technology Resources(M) Sdn Bhd. They applied for registration at Pesuruhjaya Sukan, under the name PERSATUAN SUKAN ELEKTRONIK AXIS (AXIS ESPORTS).


The company has since announced its plans for the growth of Malaysian esports in December 2018 after officially being formed on 7th December 2018.

Our Progress 4    

Acquiring RamPaGe Gaming – (8 Dec 2918) – The very first action of Axis Esports was to acquire Call of Duty’s top Asian team, RamPaGe Gaming. It started with full sponsorship for (Call of Duty World Champion League (CWL)) in Las Vegas, USA, and has since become Axis’ first ever pro esports team. The aim is simple. To have RG to be the best Call of Duty team in the world, topping CWL.

    Our Progress 5  

New “Sekai” for Sekaiichi – (17 Dec 2018) – Another signing include versatile player-commentator,Sekaiichi. The main man for football games has been planned for more greatness, being already at the top level. He will be one of the main faces of Axis Esports, one of the admins of the Leagues, as well as the main talent for events and shows, representing the organisation.

    Our Progress 6 Our Progress 7
THEGAMINGCITY – COMIC FIESTA – (22-23 Dec 2018) – is Esports became one of the sponsors of TheGamingCity during Comic Fiesta 2018. At the same event, Axis Esports organised the first ever LAN event, which is the Axis COD League tournament, participated by 8 teams, where the champions faced sponsored team RamPaGe Gaming in a show match.
Our Progress 8     NvPro Gaming for Mobile Legends – (7 Jan 2019) – Axis didn’t stop there, as they also acquired NvPro Gaming, a Mobile Legends team previously under MGC. The plan was to take them where they belong; the MPL and MSL, on top of the ML food chain.     Our Progress 9 Our Progress 10   Axis League Announcement – (14 Jan 2019) – Axis Esports have announced the forming of Axis League, with two out of five games have been revealed, namely Axis COD League (ACL) and Axis PES League (APL). The other three games are to be confirmed and expected to be revealed in March.