Team RamPaGe improved standings in CWL London 2019

Posted by Admin Beyl May 9, 2019 in RamPaGe Gaming


Team RamPaGe improved standings in CWL London 2019 1

The returning COD Asia Champions has fought their way in improving their world standings as the team managed to gain the top 48th spot in CWL London for 2019 season. The tournament took place in London, England and went on for 3 days starting from the 3rd until 5th of May.

The Red Rage consists of Hakiem “RanGer” Tajudin, Sean “SeaN” Wong, Izzul “Izzul” Amin, Daniel “Rainyz” Ali and Arjun “Kira” Rampal. The team went on to gain advantage as they had a firm start as they won against Jig Rising defeating them 2 to 0 in a Hardpoint match 250 – 27 then proceeding to a Search & Destroy win 6-4. RamPaGe Gaming then went on to lose against Scarz for the deficit of 0-2 in 243 – 250 Hardpoint lose and 3-6 Search & Destroy defeat.

In the losers bracket, Team RamPaGe dominated the first and second round to defeat ATR and Team Buzzkill 2-0. Their dominance were seen as the team scores were so distinct especially in both of the Hardpoint match against the two team. RamPaGe Gaming was then eliminated from the tournament by Helix Esports with such a hard fought battle where the team loses 197-250 in hardpoint and 3-6 in Search & Destroy.

Team RamPaGe improved standings in CWL London 2019 2


Team RamPage has gained an outstanding placement in the rankings since their participation in the CWL London event. Their new rankings rank them in the top 48th sport in the world currently for Call of Duty teams. The team’s impressive performance in the event helped boost their rankings since their last participation in the last year CWL Anaheim 2018 placed them in the top 80th teams in the community. Next event RamPaGe Gaming will be a part of is the 2019 CWL Anaheim Open that will take place in Anaheim, California in 14th June-16th June.